Playclub Project 4

There are 8 bags in the Playclub 4 set:

Playclub 4 was successfully trialled by 13 Greater Manchester schools in 2015.

8 of the schools completing the trial produced reports for Ofsted on the impact of the project – both on parental engagement and the children’s reading levels.

100% of the children and families enjoyed doing the activities which included cooking and writing recipes, finding cures for sick animals, fishing for sounds, and throwing frogs onto lily pads.

Most schools targeted children who were in danger of failing the phonics screen test. Nearly all of the schools found that engaging families in the activities with their children improved their literacy skills and often their phonics screen test results.

Teachers were very enthusiastic about the resources and also felt more confident about engaging parents.

Videos: Parents show how to use the Playclub 4 bags


"It was fantastic at bringing parents into school and engaging them in their children's learning"


At St John's CofE Primary School, “the phonics screen test was done before and after the project. None of the children had passed when the test was carried out before the project. However after completion of the project, 85% children made huge improvements in their phonics score and 71% passed the formal test.”