Playclub Project 3

There are 7 bags in the Playclub 3 set:

AliensClever CowFishy Friends

My CaféNaughty BusSharkSpooky Spells



The Playclub 3 resources include:

  • A Teachers’ Pack and CD Rom with full guidance on how to run the project, with publicity templates, record sheets, ideas for workshops, evaluation forms and certificates
  • 7 green bags with high quality books and fun creative activities for all the family to help develop Phase 3 and 4 phonics and application of reading and writing. Activities range from taking the naughty bus on a treasure hunt around the house to making spooky spells that blend letter sounds.

Each bag contains

  • resources such as high quality books, an alien puppet, toy food for a cafe and a letter-gobbling shark
  • a CD with rhymes/songs and family friendly instructions on how to use the Playclub bags to support learning and have fun
  • a card clearly explaining the activities to do together

Why use the Playclub 3 bags?

The activities in the Playclub 3 bags aim to encourage parents and carers to:

  • Enjoy playing with their children and make time for them.
  • Recognise that learning is fun.
  • Help create a rich learning environment at home and provide them with ideas that they could adapt and use regularly as part of everyday life, e.g. playing word games on the way to school.
  • Recognise their children’s progress and praise them.
  • Enjoy high quality stories with their children and go to the library.
  • Have fun with rhymes and games and enable parents to learn songs that they can use again and again.
  • Help children to apply their reading and writing skills in different situations.
  • Understand and support children in learning through phonics.
  • Help their children to be ready for the Year 1 Phonics screening check.
  • Find out which phonemes and graphemes the children are learning


“My daughter was so excited when she brought the bag home and as a family we found that it got us all together and talking about the activity - even nana and grandad got involved!” 


The EPPE (Effective Provision of Preschool Education) project found that “in the early years, parental involvement has a significant impact on children’s cognitive development and literacy and number skills.”
(Samson 2007)