Playclub Project 2

There are 8 bags in the Playclub 2 set:


The Playclub 2 resources include:

  • A Teachers’ Pack and CD Rom with step-by-step instructions on how to run the project, with publicity templates, record sheets, ideas for workshops, evaluation forms and certificates 
  • 8 red bags with books with rhymes to sing, books to read, and fun activities to support Phase 2 phonics & reading activities - including hiding pirate treasure with letters, helping cheeky chimps to make words and making puppet shows of the Three Little Pigs.


Each bag contains

  • resources such as high quality story books, a telescope, a stethoscope, a Ravenous Beast puppet, little pigs and, of course, the wolf!

  • a CD with rhymes/songs and family friendly instructions on how to use the Playclub bags to support learning and have fun

  • a card clearly explaining the activities to do together

Videos: Parents show how to use the Playclub 2 bags

“Home learning activities undertaken by parents are more important for children’s intellectual and social development than parental occupation, education or income”

(DCSF 2008)

“Playing with the bags really helped my child's development of words, sounds, and sentences, and I also learned from her. She loved bringing the bags home and helping make up stories, and didn’t see it as homework at all - just fun.”