Playclub Project 1

There are 8 bags in the Playclub 1 set (click more for information on each bag):

Bath Time Bear Hunt Dance Time Instruments 

The Playclub 1 resources include:

  • A Teachers’ Pack and CD Rom with step-by-step instructions on how to run the project, with publicity templates, record sheets, ideas for workshops, evaluation forms and certificates 
  • 8 blue bags for Phase 1 letters and sounds (phonics) with rhymes to sing, books to read and fun activities to support communication and language development – from fishing ducks out of the bath to selling currant buns or looking for insects in the park.

Each bag contains 

  • resources such as high quality books, musical instruments, song mittens, currant buns and coins 
  • a CD with rhymes/songs and family friendly instructions on how to use the Playclub bags to support learning and have fun
  • a card clearly explaining the activities to do together

Videos: Parents show how to use the Playclub 1 bags


“We do that loads - We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. I start off and he finishes it off. All three of us hide under the covers at the end.”



Now Available:

FREE booklet to help parents and children record what they have done with the Playclub 1 activities.

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