The Playclub Project

The Playclub Project provides fun, imaginative learning activities for families to do at home which raise attainment in phonics, reading, writing and language for children in EYFS and Key Stage 1.

Use the Pupil Premium funding to target work on phonics with low attaining pupils.

This project will help your school/setting to:

  • Engage parents in helping to raise attainment for all in the  Year 1 phonics screening check
  • Meet the criteria on engaging parents in the new statutory EYFS Framework
  • Meet the criteria in the Ofsted framework 2012 on ‘helping parents to support their children’s learning’

This successful project involves loaning a variety of exciting Playclub bags to families every week over 6 weeks, with achievements being recorded and celebrated with a Playclub card and certificate.


There are 4 sets of Playclub bags: 

Playclub 1:
8 blue bags for Phase 1 phonics
Playclub 2:
8 red bags for Phase 2 phonics
Playclub 3:
7 green bags
for Phase 3 & 4 phonics
Playclub 4:
8 orange bags
for Phase 5 phonics

You can also purchase a Playclub Songs CD with 25 songs from Playclub 1 and Playclub 2


Each set of Playclub resources includes:

A teachers’ handbook and CD Rom with step-by-step instructions on how to run the project including publicity templates, Playclub cards, record sheets, ideas for workshops, evaluation forms and certificates; 8 different bags (7 bags for Playclub 3), with each bag containing: 

  • high quality resources such as books, musical instruments, song mittens and puppets
  •  an audio CD with rhymes/songs and family friendly instructions
  • a card explaining the activities




Videos: parents show how to have fun & learn with the Playclub Project 

Click here for Playclub 1 : Click here for Playclub 2

Playclub 3 coming soon : Click here for Playclub 4

Thanks to the fantastic Manchester families who were filmed doing Playclub activities in their homes, and thanks to the schools for facilitating their involvement.


Contact Playbags

Fax: 0161 601 3510

Tel: 0161 860 5039
Facebook:  /PlayclubProject
Twitter: @PlayclubProject


“It was fantastic at bringing parents into school and engaging them in their children’s learning”

- Teacher